Check List
The Charlton Years, the 1970s.
E-Man:  reprinted later under the Modern Comics title
1.  The Beginning/ The Brain and the Bomb
2.  The Entropy Twins
3.  The Energy Crisis
4.  City in the Sand
5.  The City Swallower
6.  Wunder-World
7.  TV Man
8.  The Inner Sun
9.  The Genius Plant
10.The Witch of Hog Wallow
The Charlton Bullseye:
4.  And Why the Sea is Boiling Hot!
The First Comics Years, the 1980s.
The Original E-Man: Reprints of the original Chalton issues with some Michael Mauser adventures included.
1.  The Beginning/ The Brain and the Bomb, The Entropy Twins
2.  The Energy Crisis
3.  City in the Sand
4.  The City Swallower,  Wunder-World
5.  TV Man
6.  The Inner Sun, And Why the Sea is Boiling Hot
7.  The Genius Plant, The Witch of Hog Wallow, Vamfire
1.  E.M., Phone Home
2.  'F' as in Freak
3.  Dark Albatross must be Rendered Inoperative, Lifewise
4.  The Paper Bomb
5.  Getting Void
6.  Feed Me!
7.  God Told Me To!
8.  Love Means Never Having to Say You're Larry
9.  What's Up Tyger Lili?
10.Black Lung
11.The Slug that Ate Barrentown
12.The Sewer of Doom!
13.A Town Called...Chaos
14.The Wrath of Randarr
15.Fat Man's Fury
16.Sunrise Sunset!
17.Smelt Quest
18.Rosemary and Time
19.Hoodoo Blues
20.If You Knew Herb
21.The B Team!
22.Captain Koala
23.The See-Thru Wars
24.Mauser's Story
25.Whom the Gods would Destroy...

The Comico Years, the early 1990s.

1.  Desperately Seeking Vamfire
2.  The Price of Paradise
3.  Lair of the Dark Things

Alpha Productions, the 1990s.
1.  E-Man meets 'e'-Man
2.  Three Ashcan Previews were also released, breaking down the initial story into 3 parts.
E-Man Returns:
1.  E-Man Returns
    The first appearance of our favorite energy being in the new millenium was in Comic Book Artist 12.  Staton and Cuti teamed up once again to bring us a brief, yet touching, story about E-Man and Nova.
    Due to webspace constraints, I am not able to offer scans of every issue of E-Man, however, if you want to see a cover, e-mail me, and I can send you a scanned cover.
E-Man: one shot (1989)
1.  Quark and The Real World
E-Man and Nova were back in the 2006 issue of E-Man published by Digital Webbing!!  Seemed like old times....................
General release cover
Variant cover
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ACTOR COMICS PRESENTS #!1.  Staton, Cuti, and Al Nickerson team up to bring a short story with Nihlist Man, Buzzboy, and of course, E-Man and Nova.

                                   Dolly and the Soul Eater! 
Digital Webbings Jam 2007 a brief E-Man origin released for Free Comic Book Day