The awsome origin of E-Man!
    Shortly after his arrival on Earth, he was hanging out as a spark of energy in one of the light bulbs of Nova Kane's dressing room. 
    Nova was working as a dancer to pay for college.
    It was there that E-Man made his presence known to Nova.  After a  short time he took on human form.  Nova became his best friend and fashion consultant.  She took him under her wing, so to speak, and educated him on being a human.
    E-Man took on an alter-ego for himself, appropriately named, Alec Tronn.
    Nova (real name is Katrina Colchnzski), during one of E-Man's adventures was kidnapped by the evil Samuel Boar and taken to the center of the Earth.  There she was tied up and left to die when a sub-terranean sun exploded.  E-Man,too late to save her, vowed revenge on Boar. 
    When E-man said, "Boar will rue the day..", he heard Nova's voice respond by saying, "Rue, where did you pick that word from?"  To E-Man's astonishment, Nova had been transformed into pure energy.
   E-Man, grateful to have his friend alive, taught her how to reform herself.   She reformed herself and discovered that she too had E-Man's identical energy powers. 

Prisoner of Samuel Boar.
physical model
E-Man's visual inspiration
Nova's visual inspiration