Michael Mauser, Private Eye.  A respected detective among detectives.  He was a trusted friend to E-Man and Nova, although Nova didn't quite trust him.
    Teddy, the pet of E-Man and Nova.  He was acquired from an evil henchman of Samuel Boar's.  
    Teddy is always doing something in the background during an  E-Man adventure.  He bares close watching.
    Rosie, a good friend to Nova and E-Man.  She has been involved on a couple of E-Man's adventures.  During one such adventure, she found her real father.
Why do they look familiar?
   Maisie June and Dabney Slocum.     During E-Man's first adventure on Earth, he met Maisie June Bragg.  She seemed a gentle girl until she displayed an extremely hostile and dangerous personality change.  At her family's request, E-Man took her to a mental hospital.  Maisie eventually was cured and married Dabney Slocum.  She sought E-Man out so he could see how she had been cured.
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    Nick and Joe, proprieters of Joe and Nick's Cafe.  Little is known about these two characters except that E-Man and Nova are regular customers.  Hmmm, what is the connection here??
   'e' man, aka Eco-Man.  Defender of nature!  His powers allow him to convert toxic waste into natural elements.
   Formerly Frank Landano, a slain convervationist.  At his unmarked gravesite, radiation from radioactive waste courtesy of Samuel Boar and lightening caused Frank to revive as the verdant skinned protector of the environment.
    When last seen, Vamfire who was now Eco-Man's partner and girlfriend were off to the rain forests in Brazil.
Rosie's latest hair style
    General Dove, military man who would call upon E-Man and Nova whenever he dealt with a major superhuman nation wide threat.