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Michael Mauser, P.I.
Michael Mauser is E-Man's best friend, but he does have a career separate from E-Man.  This checklist is to highlight the comics starring Mauser.
The Charlton Comics Years:  1975-76, 1982

Vengence Squad:  75-76
1.  The Inheritance
2.  The Hit
3.  The Understudy
4.  To Be Frank (also appeared in the text story "Cement Galoshes")
5.  The Frame
6.  Gangwar
Charlton Bullseye:  82
6. Blue Ice
First Comics:  1985
The PI's:
1.  Four Color Crime Part 1:  The Odd Couple (E-Man cameo)
2.  Four Color Crime Part 2:  All In Color For A Crime
3.  Four Color Crime Part 3:  You Will Believe A Man Can Die! (E-Man and Nova cameo)
Apple Comics:  1992
The New Crime Files of Michael Mauser
1.  Snow Angels
Alpha Comics Years:  1993-94

The Detectives

1.  The Old Farmhouse
Noir Quarterly (Vol. 1)
1.  Focus on Death
CFD Productions:  1995
Noir Quarterly (Vol. 2)
2.  The Cayugan Curse
   It is important to note that there is a difference between the two volumes of Noir Quarterly.  In issue 2 of vol. 1, there is no Mauser story.
  In volume 2, issue 1 has no Mauser story.
    A big "Thank You!" to Randy Carter, for his work compiling this checklist.  He is a true fan of the great Michael Mauser, and E-Man.  "Thanks Randy!"
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