Vamfire's appearence on Earth was not without controversy.  In her search for for positive energy, this brought her into conflict with Nova.  A conflict that would continue for years.
The Sister of E-MAN!
Jealousy was a root cause of their conflicts through the years.
Vamfire worked as a late night horror movie host after she "settled" down a bit. 
She retained her original costume for her movie host gig.
For battle, she designed a more practical costume.

Vamfire joined E-Man and Nova in their fight for justice, although many times her temper would get the best of her and cause numerous PR problems and fights with Nova.
Vamfire eventually met the love of her life, in the guise of 'e'-man, aka as Eco-Man, defender of nature.  Vamfire along with Eco-Man began a mission of cleaning up the world's environment, beginning with the Brazilian rain forests.  Their current whereabouts are unknown at this time.
Two teams defending the Earth, E-Man and Nova and Vamfire and Eco-Man.
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