Evil Doers!
\    The evil, and very ugly, Samuel Boar.  Boar is E-Man's arch nemesis.
    Boar will stop at nothing to control the world and its energy supply.
    Genius no.1.  A  brilliant, arrogant, and evil scientist.  He augmented his intelligence with the help of a special plant.  His plan was for he and others like himself, whose brain size and capacity had been altered by the mysterious plant, to control the world and  shape it to suit their vision.
    E-Man and Nova defeated him by destroying the intelligence enhancing plant.  When Genius no.1 was deprived of this, his brain shrank, and rendered him a mental invalid.
    The Brain.  The first villain faced and defeated by E-Man.   The Brain was an extra-terrestrial conquerer bent on the conquest of the third planet from the sun.  He resurfaced time and time again.
    The Entropy Twins.  Juno and Michael had powers over chaos and order.  Their powers were higly destructive.  Their mission was to destroy E-man.
    E-Man defeated them by changing their polarity.  They could not approach each other without being torn to atoms.
    Eventually they repented of their acts and were restored to normal by E-Man.
Reminds me of the Terminator!
    The Battery, energy absorbing android of Samuel Boar.  The Battery is one of E-Man's most dangerous foes.  He was seemingly destroyed during the E-Man adventure in which Nova received her energy powers.
Reminds me of an old Warren Comic.......
    Vamfire, the negative energy being, who happens to be Nova's staunchest rival, and E-Man's sister (both were spawned from the same star).
    Although she is not truly evil, she can be very tempermental, which can be very destructive, given her abilities.
    The city devouring Norwol.  For many years this monstrosity kept another dimension's inhabitants in fear.  No one was safe from this creature until E-Man gave it more energy that it could consume.
    Faro, despotic ruler of an alien culture from the past.  Faro ruled his subjects through fear, and use of an ancient plague.  
    While on an adventure to  the past, E-Man and Nova defeated him.  Bringing his reign of terror to an end, forever. 
    Seymour Cleary and Sarah Bellum, two hired assasins sent to Earth with three objectives.  Terminate (literally) The Brain and to eliminate E-Man and Nova. 
    Cleary had the ability to walk invisibly through walls, but was helpless around mirrors.
    Sarah was a heavily armed mercenary.
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The lovely, but lethal, Leena, otherdimensional despot.  Leena conquered a peaceful world ruled by her benevolent brother and ruled through fear.  She had the ability to steal souls until E-Man, Nova, and Dolly intervened and ended her reign of terror forever.